Free Alignment Inspection at Any Butler Service Center

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Is it starting to feel like your car or truck is out of alignment?  (Signs include uneven tire wear, vibration, and a vehicle that pulls or drifts to one side while you’re driving on a straight-away.) Don’t wonder any longer!  Print and redeem the coupon above for a FREE alignment check any of our four Butler Service Center locations.  If your vehicle’s fine, you’ll be on your way with no cost.  If an alignment is needed, and you decide to let us do the work, you’ll be entitled to $20.00 off the regular price.  It’s a win-win!  Call us to set up an appointment or just drop by.  We’ll be ready for you!


Suzuki Auto Files Chapter 11, Pulls Out of U.S. Market

2012 Suzuki

Suzuki will focus new car sales efforts on other shores.

Goodbyes are never fun but sometimes they’re imposed upon us.  That’s the case with the announcement this week that American Suzuki Motor Corporation has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and will discontinue the sale of new cars in the U.S. market.

As a Suzuki dealership, we’re especially bummed.  The automaker is recognized around the globe for its quality and, while struggling to gain a foothold in the U.S. has outsold many other well-known brands elsewhere in the world, even topping Honda sales in Japan.  Chuck Butler, owner and founder for Butler Auto Group, says, “We all know what a fine product Suzuki brought to the American market and, it is unfortunate that these international financial factors impacted the profitability of American Suzuki Motors overall.”  He adds that Butler will continue to offer Suzuki service and parts, and will honor all customer warranties until expired.

Suzuki’s decision affects automobiles only;  Motorcycle and marine engine business will stay unchanged.   While that’s some consolation we’re still sad to know we’ll be taking no more new deliveries of such fan favorites as the Kizashi or the towable Grand Vitara.   So, farewell Suzuki.  We’re glad to have known you.

Look for liquidation prices to be posted on Butler Suzuki stock in the near future.  For a walk down Suzuki memory lane visit

The Importance of Checking Tire Pressure

Somewhere deep in the recesses of your mind you know you should be checking your vehicle’s tire pressure. In my world, this is one of those life maintenance tasks that loiters in some corner of my brain but only surfaces when I feel my vehicle’s ride is somehow off. Imagine my surprise at learning I should be gauging tire pressure every month! And not only monthly, but seasonally (cold weather can decrease tire pressure by up to 10 pounds per square inch! I never knew that).

Here are 5 keys to keeping your tires at their best:

1. Too much air equals less of your tires touching the road. Lowered surface area means you’ll need more room to stop. It also means you’re in for a bumpy, bouncy ride. Remember what happened in elementary school when you overfilled your red rubber ball? Yeah, it became a rocket when you bounced it during Foursquare.

2. Too little air in your tires leads to more surface area touching the ground. The result can be overheating and, ultimately, a blow-out. You know it’s time to pump those babies up when your tires squeal around corners.

3. Use your owner’s manual – it should tell you where on your vehicle to find the proper tire pressure (don’t go by the notation on the tires – that’s maximum tire pressure, not recommended tire pressure).

4. Get a tire gauge.

5. Finally, check every tire. Driving with unbalanced tires can lead to a whole other set of problems. And if you have any questions, give one of Butler’s Service Centers a call.

You’ll find a list of locations and phone numbers at

Fuel Filter as Important as Fuel

You don’t even think about the fact that you have to put fuel in your car or truck to keep it running. But did you know you should also be checking your fuel filter on a regular basis?
A dirty filter can allow impurities to infiltrate the engine, making the fuel less effective (think arteries and the affect cholesterol can have on *your* system). Less effective fuels means you get fewer miles for your dollar.
But regular maintenance can boost your fuel economy. And it’s as easy as scheduling on-line. Check us out at:


Things Aren’t Always as They Seem

Everybody has a love story about the one that got away. Mine just happens to be about a truck.

It was a 1976 Datsun Pick-up, its tall camper shell complete with moon roof. Gleaming white with dark grey interior. Bench seat, cassette deck.

But the feature I appreciated most was the smell; every time the heater ran the cab filled with the comforting aroma of warm maple syrup.

Those of you in the know are cringing here…

We spent the better part of a year together, my truck and I, racking up the typical high school memories of hauling friends to the lake, to the mall, to nowhere in particular. My pick-up was my escape, my independence, my world.

Until it fell undeniably, expensively ill.

Turns out, that savory scent I loved so much wasn’t, in fact, a blessing from the automotive gods. Instead it was a signal that the truck was burning coolant… a silent killer that, having gone (relatively) undetected, culminated in a cracked engine block, a staggering repair bill, and a crushed teenager who couldn’t (and still can’t) believe the red flag had been there since the beginning. I couldn’t afford to fix the truck so, sadly, we parted ways.

Don’t let this happen to you. Regular maintenance can help you and your wheels stay together. Let Butler help: