What’s Covered Under a “Bumper to Bumper” Warranty?

Butler Sales Manager Joel Nickerson has the answer.


Really, Silver?

Top 10 Global Vehicle Colors:

1. Silver – 26%
2. Black/Black Effect – 24%
3. White/White Pearl and Gray – 16%
4. Red – 6%
5. Blue – 5%
6. Brown/Beige 3%
7. Green – 2%
8. Yellow – 1%
9. Gold – 1%
10. Others – <1%
Source: DuPont’s 58th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report , 2010

It’s the kind of information you’d realize you knew if only you took the time to think about it: that is, that the most popular car color in the world is silver, at least according to DuPont’s 58th Global Automotive Color Popularity Report. Apparently, it has been for years now. For some reason I’m surprised. Maybe because one has to have a sense of the subtle to appreciate a more modest hue like silver, and nobody’s ever mistaken me for subtle. Maybe because I’ve never owned a silver vehicle and don’t know what I’m missing. Or maybe, because I’ve never thought about it.

As I sit here in my office at Butler’s Ashland dealership, however, it occurs to me that a majority of the dozens of vehicles within my view are, in fact, silver.

I’m intrigued. Of the 7 vehicles I’ve owned – or more accurately, that some bank has owned – only one was purchased regardless of color, and that was simply because it was purchased without my knowledge (It was my first vehicle: a 1976 Datsun pick-up, which my folks paid for in part by raiding my bank account. But that’s another story.) When I was involved in the decision, color definitely played a role. My vehicles have been white, black, red, or blue. Come to think of it, that sums up the spectrum of my wardrobe, too.

Which is exactly my point. I pick cars because they “fit” me – make, model and color match my personality. I’m an “all or nothing” kind of girl; I like things simple, definite, basic… like primary colors. So maybe I just don’t speak the “silver” language. I’d love to learn, though. Maybe someone will help me? I mean, 26-percent of the population can’t be wrong!


Why “Like” Us?

Why “Like” Us?
by Shannon Young for Butler Auto Group

“Something that haunts most social media panels is a failure to explain the relevance of social media.
Why should the average person get involved, or read?” www.brandstorming.com

Maybe that’s an odd way to kick off the inaugural blog of The Butler Automotive Group. But, seriously, Butler’s a group of car dealerships. You already know dealerships sell cars. You visit their websites when you need one, or maybe when you want one. Otherwise, you don’t visit their websites.

But we at Butler… or more accurately, I, Shannon Young, former longtime local TV news anchor-turned-Butler spokeswoman… disagree, and I’ll tell you why.

First, the sites I visit on a regular basis include those for NPR, People Magazine, CNN, anything related to kayaking, and, of course, Facebook. I’m drawn to websites that enhance my life, whether with information, a break from reality, pretty pictures that remind me of my time on the water, or interaction with people who share similar interests, similar friends, similar anything.

Second, I love cars. I mean, I LOVE cars. I can work one of those dealership options kiosks like some kids play Halo. I love the variety of styles, the niche markets, the sheer multitude of possibilities. I love how each manufacturer has its followers, how we can outfit our cars to match our personality, how some people are so nuts for their ride they name it, like it’s part of the family.

So… I visit sites that enhance my life… and cars enhance my life.

I know I’m not alone. I know there’s a truckload of as-yet-outed auto junkies out there. I also know a good portion of you engage in some sort of ritual every day, whether it’s stopping by a coffee shop, a bagel store, or a website, not just to caffeinate, indulge in baked goods, or see who’s “liked” the latest Harry Potter flick but, to see who’s there, to talk about the weather, to connect… with someone, somewhere who shares something in common.

Guess what. Your vehicle connects you, literally in that it gets you places but, also figuratively. You have something in common with every other human being who’s ever owned a car. Yeah. Whoa.

So what better place to start building a relationship than right here?

Butler and I, we’re not just writing a blog, we’re starting a conversation. And with you in the mix, we might just enhance each other’s life.

Guess that brings us to the beginning: Hi, I’m Shannon. You already know what lights my fire. Now, tell us what lights yours…